Our Collective Professionals can augment, or lead, any ITproject of any size and complexity. We’re ready to help our customers assess the requirements of their projects, both regarding scope and resources. Understanding business, technology, and people, enables us to help our customers map business requirements to deliverables, before aiding in setting the right team, at the right price. Delivering on time, and the best possible technical solutionis what we do.

A whole project team

With a full Collective Minds project team, we ensure that the project has momentum from the beginning, simply because our in-house Collective Professionals work so well together and can skip the project storming and norming phase.

Part of the project team

If our clients have part of the needed project team, we can fill in the blanks, and still deliver the strong benefits gained from having Collective Professionals that work so well together, and who deliver value to the project immediately.

Single resources

If our clients are running smaller projects, only need small project resource augments, or simply need very specialized skills, we will find the right resource, either in-house, or from our vast network of professionals.

Resource Examples

Combining our in-house Collective Professional with our network of proven Collective External, we work our hardest to deliver the right person, no matter what skillset our customers need. Get in touch with us, so we can have a talk about your needs and requirements.  


System architects

Solution architects

Enterprise architects


Project managers

Scrum masters

Dev leads

Test leads

IT Konsulenter

Junior, mid-level, senior

All major development languages

Well-versed in most mayor methodologies