Referral program

Help us find our next project

We are always scouting for new projects and opportunities for our consultants at Collective Minds.

We are seeking projects across various fields of specialization and levels of complexity. Whether it’s a small startup project or a large established undertaking, we welcome referrals from our network.

For every successful lead that results in a new project, we will reward you with a noticeable bonus. 


The Reward

Since we greatly appreciate referrals from our network, and we know that your time is precious, we at Collective Minds have a good reward model for project referrals.

If a referral leads to a new project, the reward will be 5,000 DKK for each month of the referred project’s initial contract period.

A reward will always be calculated based on a minimum contract period of 3 months, and therefore will always be 15,000 DKK or more.

Reward examples​

Below you can see a table showing the size of the reward depending on the number of months the referred project’s initial contract period extends over.

3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months
15.000 DKK
30.000 DKK
45.000 DKK
60.000 DKK

What is the process for a referral

A referral of a new project to Collective Minds takes place as follows:
  1. You register the project with us, with the client’s consent
  2. We assess the project and determine whether it is a fit for Collective Minds
  3. We start contract negotiations with the client
  4. Upon contract finalization, you will be notified and when the project is expected to commence
  5. If the project’s contract period lasts longer than 6 months, staggered payments will be issued at half-year intervals.
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Do you know our next project?

If you know of a project that could be interesting for us, we would love to hear from you!

Of course, we will reciprocate with a handsome finder’s fee if your referral results in a new project.

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