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Our focus on people elevates our professionalism, our experience elevate your projects

20+ years of experience with IT consultants and IT projects of all sizes enables us to deliver the right resources, at the right price.

Collective Minds was founded to make life better for Denmark’s IT consultants and IT professionals, and to solve 3 fundamental problems in the IT sector.

Too little well-being at work and a lack of work-life balance.
Inefficient selection of the right resources and teams.
Low productivity due to lack of focus on team composition

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IT Konsulenter

All competencies, one supplier


With a full Collective Minds project team, we ensure the project has momentum from the start. Our unique team-oriented approach is a big win for our clients, as our strong and established teams are able to deliver from day one on the project.

IT Consultants

At Collective Minds, we take pride in being able to provide the sharpest IT consultants for all positions in any IT project. We are generalists who are able to solve all types of projects, but also have specialized teams and IT consultants, for the more extra-routine tasks.

IT Konsulent

Collective Minds consultants always offer a wide range of skills while maintaining professionalism and quality in their work.They are good at understanding needs, quick to adapt to the task and ask the right questions. In this way, they cut to the chase and develop the right solution.
At the same time, they understand their role and become an integral part of the team.

I would definitely recommend working with them.

Peter Jeppesen

Solutions Architect At Sandfield Software

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