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We are looking for talented freelancers who can help us deliver innovative quality products and services to our customers while maintaining our focus on collaboration and accountability.

If you share our values and mission and are interested in being part of our team, we’d love to hear from you. You can upload your resume by following the link below so we can learn more about your skills and experiences.

You can read more about what it’s like to be a freelancer at Collective Minds and the benefits it offers on this page.

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Benefits as a Freelancer
  • Focus on job satisfaction and well-being

  • Flexibility and freedom

  • Career planning

  • Events and team building

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What is it like to be a freelancer at Collective Minds?

How are project teams assembled?

As a freelancer at Collective Minds, you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of IT projects, both large and small. You will either work as part of a project team from Collective Minds or individually, depending on the project’s needs and scope.

Our priorities will always be to assemble project teams consisting of both full-time consultants and freelancers from Collective Minds. In this way, we ensure optimal experience exchange and knowledge sharing, and deliver maximum value for our customers.

What do we offer our freelancers?

At Collective Minds, we are aware that freelancers value a competitive and attractive rewards package. Therefore, we have put together a unique package that includes several elements we are incredibly proud of.

With a focus on education, networking, and leisure, we are constantly seeking to expand our offerings to our freelancers. Our educational program and career planning provide you with the opportunity to grow as a professional and ultimately achieve your career goals.

With a strong emphasis on the social aspect, we offer our freelancers a wealth of events, including meetups, conferences, workshops, and more relaxed social gatherings – such as wine tasting, sailing, golf, and more.

How are the office and facilities?

As a freelancer at Collective Minds, you will still have the opportunity to experience our inspiring and creative office, even though you may not be at the office as often as our full-time consultants.

We still value the importance of creating a space where we can gather and make the most of our hours together – both freelancers and employees. We believe this is crucial for our collaboration, culture, and product ideas, and also provides the opportunity to have colleagues when working on remote tasks. We have a great lunch arrangement and always have cold drinks in the fridge, so you will always feel welcome when you visit us at the office.

What is the culture like?

We believe that openness, inclusion, honesty, and a personal approach are important values in the close and present collaboration with our freelancers.

We aim to create a free and open environment where everyone can discuss big and small matters, and where everyone feels included and heard. We believe that a personal approach and getting to know each other will make it easier to develop together – and ultimately create a better workday.

We believe that a diverse composition of people will not only make it easier to adapt to different tasks and clients but also strengthen our culture and collaboration. We look forward to getting to know you, your unique skills, and perspectives and welcome you into our creative and inclusive work environment.

What is done for the career?

As a freelancer, it is important to maintain and develop your professional expertise in order to deliver valuable results to your clients. At Collective Minds, we prioritize helping our freelancers build their career plans and achieve the perfect skillset to tackle any challenge.

We believe it is crucial to tailor the career plan to the individual freelancer so we can help realize their professional ambitions and provide opportunities to work on projects that suit their unique skills and experiences.

Let’s achieve your career goals together.

How do we work with our customers?

How do we work with our clients?

At Collective Minds, our clients’ success is essential. That’s why our employees and freelancers become an integrated part of the client’s project, and sometimes the company, so that we succeed together through close collaboration.

This also means that we work with the client to find the best possible collaboration format for the project, including how much on-site presence is needed.

Some clients have a project and an environment that allows for a large amount of remote work, while others are partially or entirely on-site. We are subject to the client’s wishes but will always strive to achieve the greatest possible freedom for our freelancers.

What tasks can I expect?

At Collective Minds, job satisfaction and happiness among our freelancers are our top priorities. That’s why we guarantee that the tasks we offer our freelancers are relevant to their area of expertise and interests.

We believe it is important to consider the freelancer’s career plan and personal wishes when matching them with appropriate tasks. This ensures that they can work with purpose, thrive, and achieve professional development in their work as freelancers at Collective Minds. We believe that satisfied freelancers will lead to better results and stronger relationships with our clients.

What are the benefits of being a freelancer at Collective Minds?

Our relationship with our freelancers is based on recognition, inclusion, and community, where a good, positive tone is at the forefront.

With us, you’re not just another number in the line.

We are very flexible in our approach to freelancers’ freedom, and we strive to create an environment where freelancers have the freedom to adapt their work schedules and workplaces to their needs. We are open to finding solutions that work for all parties and contribute to the freelancers’ well-being and productivity.

We are aware that stress is a widespread issue among freelancers in the IT sector, and therefore we do everything we can to limit stress factors in our collaboration. At Collective Minds, we encourage our freelancers to prioritize their free time with family and friends, and we prefer to avoid overtime.

We have a proactive approach to preventing stress, and we have increased focus on recognizing symptoms and supporting each other in tackling stress factors. At Collective Minds, we believe that having a healthy work-life balance is essential to avoiding stress and promoting well-being and productivity.

At Collective Minds, we are committed to ensuring that our freelance consultants receive a fair hourly rate that reflects their expertise and experience. We focus on creating a transparent and fair pricing process so that our consultants feel valued and fairly compensated.

We work closely with our freelancers and clients to assess skills, negotiate competitive rates, and offer support during the negotiation process. In this way, Collective Minds builds trusting and supportive relationships between freelance consultants and clients.

We prioritize our freelancers’ visions and future aspirations for their professional lives. We tailor future courses, development areas, and focus points so that they can achieve the desired competencies and achieve the highest possible satisfaction in their daily work.

We support our freelancers in reaching their career goals and creating opportunities for growth and challenges. We are proud of our ability to help our freelancers develop their skills and achieve their professional goals.

At Collective Minds, we strive to create a sense of family and community among our freelancers. We believe that social events are a great way to connect and build strong relationships. Therefore, we regularly organize various events such as food experiences, escape rooms, golf, fitness, and travel. These events are always based on the freelancers’ preferences and are usually optional rather than mandatory.

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