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"If people love to go to work, they will give their best"

Collective Minds are our employees. That’s why one of our cornerstones, and biggest focus, is that our employees thrive. We take great pride in fostering a diverse, honest and exciting culture where everyone is heard, included and involved in its development. 

Finding the right motivated IT consultants for our clients’ projects is our other cornerstone, and a goal we are constantly working to improve. Through our strong culture, personal and professional development programs and strong, integrated teams, no task is too big and our clients’ objectives are within reach. 

Who are Collective Minds?

We want to be Denmark’s best workplace, so we can deliver Denmark’s best IT consultants and teams.

Collective Minds was founded to address several fundamental issues in the IT sector. Stress and work-life imbalance are more common than not, at huge cost to thousands of people every day. Our aim is to create an inclusive, open, honest and positive environment where personal development goes hand in hand with recognition, reward and a strong team spirit. By recognising, rewarding and our people, we know our customers are getting the very best service. Our strong culture ensures that our teams work optimally together, meaning that a Collective Minds team is able to deliver value to our clients’ projects immediately.

Our 15+ years of experience with large IT projects enabled us to assess the scope, complexity and resource requirements. Unfortunately, it is often seen that IT resources, especially IT consultants, are selected without the necessary knowledge of projects and skills, and sometimes even solely from the supplier’s financial perspective. At Collective Minds, our sole focus is the right resources, at the right price for the client, so that the project is delivered on time and on budget. The composition of the team is made by experts with in-depth knowledge of the type of projects, and technologies chosen, to ensure that our clients’ needs are met to the letter.

About the founders

People, technology, collaboration

Daniel Suárez-Bárcena Christensen

Motivated by human and technical challenges, I thrive in the space between the two, driven by a constant quest to improve how we work together and understand each other. Driven by curiosity, my IT adventure started over 20 years ago. It soon became clear to me that the challenges on projects lay in what we refer to as “basic skills” such as communication, facilitation, collaboration and to a lesser extent the technical solutions. Over the years I have developed a strong focus on, and a good understanding of, how to quantify the nature, complexity and requirements of each project so that the right resources can be selected, at all project layers and stages. Collaboration around objectives and technology is a defining factor of any project, as well as one of the most complex to succeed with. My love for the human touch and good understanding of the technical components of most IT projects makes me just able to put the right team in place, and why I love my job as a liaison between project, people and technology.

Sammy Kargaard Elal

I knew early on that I would choose a career in IT. My fascination with the world of IT lies in the endless creative possibilities that one’s skills open up.
Being able to sit down and create your own program from an idea is unique and amazing.

During my journey I have worked with all types of people and projects. I have touched many types of technologies and platforms. This gives me a solid foundation and a good insight into the IT industry that I can draw on and use to create a good and fruitful collaboration with our clients.

Sammy Kargaard Elal